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Pastor and the Lion

Posted by Ekpekpan Elvis on 4/6/2012 9:06:25 AM |

Written by: Ekpekpan Elvis

The government of a country laid down a law that no one should give pay tithe in any church, that the tithe of the masses will be paid by the government and who-so-ever receives tithe from his/her members will be thrown into the lions den.Th following sunday, a greedy pastor ordered all his members to pay their tithes.......after paying the tithe, one of the member reported the pastor and the pastor was thrown into the lions den....while in the lions den, the lions bowed down their heads and the pastor quickly remembered Daniel in the bible and he shouted 'God has shut the mouth of these lions'......the lions looked up @ him and said 'dem no dey pray before dem dey chop' ha ha ha ha ha........

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