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Obash,Obush & Clish

Posted by Jacob Odongo Dinda on 4/3/2012 9:37:50 AM |

Written by: Jacob Odongo Dinda

Obash,Obush and Clish were kidnapped. they were told to bring a fruit
of their choice, ten in number if they were to be saved...Clish was
the first..he brought 10 oranges n they inserted into his anus...he
shouted aloud at the third orange n was left.. Obash was the next. he
brought 10 grapes and as the ninth one was about to be inserted into his
anus, he laughed till all the nine grapes came out..when asked y he was
laughing, he said that he was laughing at Obush. apparently Obush had
brought water-melons!!!!

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