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the king is a clown.

Posted by ekenasi chris sochima on 3/30/2012 4:55:36 AM |

Written by: ekenasi chris sochima

The king is the first son of his late father.

King: anybody who makes ?v???? daughter ???? call M????? a clown would marry her.
Yoruba man: T???????? girl ?? love you pls tell your father that he is a clown.
Princess: God forbid.
Hausa man: kai nyarinya ?? love M????? flenty flenty, ?? get'am ??? honda civic, discussion quantinue, wailahi ?? call'am ??r your fafa is a clown, wailahi ?? give'am flenty flenty love da allah, money flenty flenty.
Princess: laughs inceasantly.. Then says “who is this one” abeg leave M????? joor.
Igbo boi: ?? don't love you princess no need ???? even try... You are a clown. Your father is a clown, your grandfather's first son is a clown. Nonsense.
Princess: (she provokes) see who is talking... ????t is you that is a clown. Now let M????? tell you, ?? am not a clown, ?v???? father is not a clown, you can call ?v???? grandfather's first son a clown cos ????t is him and U????? that is a clown.
King: WHAT?

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