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Stuttering problem

Posted by T-cube on 10/13/2011 2:51:41 PM |

Written by: T-cube

A man walks into his doctors office and says "dddddddoc, i'v bbbbeen sssstammering fffor yyears nw , pppls cccan u hhhhelp mmme?"

The doc says"well i'l have to examine u b4 i can answer u"

he examines him and says "i think i knw what d problem is"

"wwwwwell wwwwhat iiis it dddddoc?"says d stutterer.

"its ur pennis! Its abt 18 inches long and all of d down pressure is puttin a strain on d vocal cords"

D guy asks "wwwwhat can wwwwe ddo abt it?"

Doc replied "well i can cut it off and implant a shorter one and i can guarantee that
It wud cure d stuttering"

The guy says "dddo iit!"

4 weeks later the guy returned "um,thanks doctor u'v solved my stutterin problem i dont stutter anymore bt i'v only had sex once,in d past 1month. My wife doesn't enjoy it anymore, i cant satisfy her she says she prefers my 18inches and ryt nw i dont care if i stutter again i think i want u to put my long one back"

The doc replied "nnnnnope! A dddddeal iiis a dddddeal"

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