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read me!!! you'll love me!

Posted by sarah on 5/17/2010 7:47:01 AM |

Written by: sarah

I like a boy in school but he has a girl friend and he dated one of my friends but. what do I do? and I know he likes me too! while he was dating my friend he also was dating another girl..... so when I came to this new school which where I met him and all my new friends... I fall in love with him the second I saw him and now it's hard to let go... he is always on my mind and every time I see him he makes me wanna fly lol... no serucly I'm not kidding I'm writing to let you know how I'm feeling righ now...... and also I'm scared he'll do the samething to me! but dont warry his Ex.. knows that like him and she's telling me not go out with him coz he aint that kind of guy I'm looking for I don't know what to do... you brobably woundring where is she writing for? her house computer?.....and.... but no! I'm at school next to his home room can't wait for him to came it's 7:45 and he's still not in school oh oh here ihe is I'll write later bye oooooh!!!. 

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