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Posted by sarahsidik on 5/4/2010 6:24:27 AM |

Written by: sarahsidik

there was an old lady travling to her son's wedding, but she was on medication she takes them every 4hour, befor she lives her daughter told her to take one if she reached the first station, so while she was riding the bus she took a nap never waken. suddly she woke up she asked the driver what station are we in? the driver said the sixth station. the woman stopped the bus and demanded to go back to the first station, everyone was like no!! no!! no!! we can't go back but she said  no and that what they are going to do. so the driver wanted her to shut up so without asking why he took her back ,she asked do u have a cup of water then he said for what?!! she said my daughter said if I reach the first station I should take my matication. lol

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