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Condom baby

Posted by Toyin olorunfemi on 5/3/2010 4:00:41 PM |

Written by: Toyin olorunfemi

One day, a guy and his girlfriend were making love and they decided to have rough sex.

After several  minutes of going on and on the guy ejaculated inside her. Good thing he was wearing condom he said, and we all know that after that the penis relaxes and gets back up again lol. Anyways, after the process, the condom fell off of the guy's penis and fell into the his girlfriend's pussy. In the process of trying to get it out with their fingers and everything the guy decided to use two match sticks to pick up the condom from inside of her and unfourtunately the two match sticks fell into her pussy.

Nine months later, the girlfriend was in the labor room. Well it was a baby boy. The boy came out with a condom rapped on his head like a durag and two match sticks in his hands lol using it to beat the doc's head like a drum Tongue

King of Condom (Oba Alade Condom)

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