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what I learned yesterday!!

Posted by sarah sidik on 4/30/2010 7:14:44 AM |

Written by: sarah sidik

hey this is Sarah and I've been submiting poem that aren't funny at all I know I know I'm not funny but I  hopethis takes u away.








every time when i go home my mom ask me what did u learn today honey I mean every day! so one day when i went to my health class  the teacher  showed us how to use a condom he demunstreted with a  penis made of wood, so all the students were like laughting and stuff. so when i went home my mom asked me sweet heart what did u learn todAY so I sat down and said I learned how to use a condom mom, she's like what a condom. u know my mom is an african lady hahha no she said are u ready? I said ready for what mom? then she started to say haaa na me come da bring u for here na so u da do me, mi pep kin abic no make me for die ohohoh heyyyyyyyy....... the next day i came home she didn't a think all she did was call the mead to give me some thing to eat hahaha lol. "parents can't leav with them, can't leav without them!!!!"LOL

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