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I want a new car dad!!

Posted by sarah on 1/21/2010 2:52:54 PM |

Written by: sarah

there was a girl called sandra she is a really needdy girl so  one day she graduat from H.S and want to Collage she saw all there girls in her school have  cars so she called her father and said "dad I need a  car"  her father is not any kind of dad  you've known he is realy realy stupid and he said Ok baby I'll buy u a car  anytime u want just tell me  the date,so sandra said Ok dad  today so they met and  went to buy the car of her dreams , sandra told the hole school that she was ganna get a car today .so when she got there  with her father she saw a really nice convortable so she wanted to use the bathroom so she told her father that she was dab I like the convortable so he father didn't here her so he said" Ok haney I will buy the afortable car u are so sweet u don't want me to lose much money" so the father bought one used car that was used in 1992 and the sold it in 2010 it was really dirty, stinky and cranky! so the car was sold to her father and it can't be returned,so the father was waiting for his doughter and thinking about the why she'll react  she sees the car, he was really happy about the car  so then after some munits sandra came in and said dad where is my car she was really exited so her father said close your eyes so she did and then he said open them with a big smill in his face she was the and said where is my convortable?!!! she started screming  she said Ok tell me what am I going to tell my friends at school and tonight we are having a party  so what do you want me to tell them ???!!!! so he wispeared  in a realy soft voice in  her ears and said  you can tell them u wanted  an afordable car . lol   

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