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Posted by MAKAMA THROPHILUS FUNOM on 10/30/2009 5:46:26 PM |


A plane was going to the United Kingdom from Lagos. The little environment accomodating the passengers was quiet and full or boredom. Sitting near a very smart, intelligent and experienced British Lawyer was a young Nigerian Lady from Enugu state. The Lawyer tried to bring life and tried to crack jokes which did nothing to get the lady's attention. He cajoled her to say riddles, but her interest even became worst. Thinking he can always manipulate to get what he wants as a Lawyer, he brought up an Idea. Okay lady!!! Ask me any question and if I get it wrong, $50 is yours. But if you get mine wrong, you will give me only but $5. That sounded so attractive and it was a welcoming incentive. The lady agreed without even thinking twice. Then the Lawyer started.
"What is the dsitance between the sun and the fifth star?" The lady without saying a word gave him $5. With a wonderful feeling of an achiever he received the money ready to give an explosive answer to her own question.

"What goes up with 10 legs and comes down with 11?" The Lady asked. Whewww!!! was his first reaction. He made several calls, checked the internet, made contacts with all his friends worldwide but could not find the answer to a rather very strange question. In great sadness, he gave her $50. She received it and in a split second, it was already in her purse without saying a word. The man got furious and asked "What is the answer, you cunny  fellow?" She simply removed $5 and gave it to him.

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