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the two local thieves

Posted by princess nne on 12/22/2008 3:46:06 AM |

Written by: princess nne

a rich man in Warri was in his house sleeping one night when 2 local thieves entered his house to rob him without him knowing, so they succeeded in stealing the man's Dollars,but unfortunately for one of the theives he dashed his foot to a iron bucket,immediately d rich man woke up and shouted

RICHMAN:Who is dat
1st thief :SCREAMED MEOW

RICHMAN:Na wah for all this pussy cat sef


So the first thief succeeded in escaping. as the 2nd thief was trying to escape too he also dashed his foot to d bucket,so the man woke up again and shouted


RICHMAN:Who b dat again

2nd thief :Shouted  Oga i b d second pussy.



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