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Mama die, make we eat rice.

Posted by Benita.U.O.Maluba on 1/3/2008 9:01:18 AM |

Written by: Benita.U.O.Maluba

There is this 5 year old boy in my village, from a very poor family. Every now and then, people will return from Lagos and other places, with a dead member for burial and other ceremonies, and only then does he has the opportunities to eat and drink, plenty of free food, especially left over rice and beef his favorite. But for a very long period, nobody died and lagos people did not bring back corp for burial and ceremonies. The little boy got frustrated  about the whole thing, that one afternoon, he came back from school to meet his same everyday lunch of cassava fufu and watery soup that he burst out into tears crying and shouting at the top of his voice "please mama, if anybody no gree die again, make you die now, make we eat rice and meat oooooh."

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