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Crawling in his house

Posted by alaye on 10/4/2006 2:14:54 PM |

Written by: alaye

A man was having affairs with his house girl and every night when his wife is sound asleep ,he will sneak into the maids room for some pleasurable time. The  wife started suspecting something was going on so one night she pretended to be sleeping and the dude sneaked out , in order not to wake anyone in the house up , he decided to crawl through the hallway into the girls room, halfway there, his wife caught up with him and his wife asked him why he is crawling, he yelled......" if I want to crawl I will crawl , if I want to fly I can fly , afterall this is my house "  The wife quietly said OK , then crawl back to bed , you shameless man" he obeyed and CRAWLED back to their bed room .

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