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the miserable man

Posted by odee on 2/4/2006 9:55:03 PM |

Written by: odee

Ola was in a bar,sitting over his beer and looking very distressed.just then, another man walked in and drank Ola's beer.Ola fell on the ground and started crying uncontrollably and the following conversation ensued between them.
Man(suprised):why are u crying over a bottle of beer?dont worry i'll get u another one
Ola: u dont understand
I was woken up by robbers this morning who stripped me off all my life savings
I took this in good fate, and dressed up to work.on my way, i was hit by a vehicle,i still managed to get to work only to discover that i have been sacked.
Here, i am now to end my miserable life with a poisoned drink, u come from no where to drink it!
Just then the man fainted.

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