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Getting closer to God

Posted by AJAYI ALBERT on 12/17/2005 7:54:48 AM |

Written by: AJAYI ALBERT

There was these neighbour of mine who graduated from the university over ten years ago.Unfortunately He could not get a good job all these while ,so things were pretty difficult for him.Some born again chritians live in the same compound with him and every sunday they always come preaching to him to be born again and get closer to God , but he will never listen untill he was sacked from his working place.He complained to one of the  born again sisters and that one told him that the root of his problem is that he is not close to God .The next morning everybody woke up to meet this guy on top of a 300 feet high  Nitel tower shouting on top of his voice .Thinking he want to commit suicide we begged him to come down ,only for him to tell us he was following the sisters advise by GETTING CLOSER TO GOD. what a way to get closer to God!

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