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Killer Beans

Posted by Emeruwa Samuel on 4/4/2005 1:04:02 PM |

Written by: Emeruwa Samuel

There was a news spread about Killer beans ...A man picked up a fight with his wife and with that annoyance he left for work...he arrived home after work and discovered that the wife had prepared beans for he said "this woman wants to kill me, but i will show her ...he called his dog and fed it with the beans ...after 20mints nothing happened to the dog so he sent the dog out... he eat the beans and 15mints latter he heard a voice from his daugther Papa Bingo is dead...he looked up and said this woman plans to kill me but i will not let her so he took poison and drank 2mints latter he heard his dauther calling "papa papa the man that hitted Bingo with his car is around"

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