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wowo m.c ym the youngest millioniar aka ago ne ku in this country ....more
travel aisha musa ....more
I want to be like YEKINI Ukus Alex ....more
Nigerian Hustlers Abroad Ukus Alex ....more
20.000,(TWEENTY HOUSAND NAIRA). JOE ....more
privatization in heaven patrick Ezenduka in china ....more
rich man gang squad ....more
happy 2 get drunk ifeji emmanuel kenechi ....more
apple seller and the doctor ifeji emmanuel kelechi ....more
confident & confidential pauline Harper ....more
There was two brodas dt has a land dispute in d villa, wen dey were taken 2 court by some good citizens so dat d mata could b settled there. In d courtroom, some villagers who were present 2 witness d case were making a hell lot of noise wen d court attendant came in 2 announce d entrance of d judge, d villager were still making noise. Immediately, he hit on d table & said 'ORDER' one of d old man among them shouted one bottle of GULDER there. Obiakor kelechi ....more
sell all the land PREYE,PROMISE MEBINE ....more
Michael Jackson Lynn ....more
estimated web 1998 middle keep smetheleah ....more
3 Dead Women Going to Heaven Owoeye olushayoo ....more
ADAM AND EVE Owoeye Olushayour ....more
3 Dead Women Going to Heaven Owoeye Olushayour ....more
The begger Chidera e.Anomihe ....more

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