Posted by on 1/30/2003 12:45:01 PM

Economic Climate: Jigawa State offers a very conducive environment for potential investors. In view of the desire for rapid economic development of the young state, the administration has put for ward a package of incentives to investors.

These include free supply of infrastructure, preferential approval of certificates of occupancy in industrial layouts, tax relief and other incentives (Jigawa State, 1998) The present civilian Administration is making all the necessary contact with foreign investors so that they could come and exploit the various investment opportunities available all over the state.

Industrial Potentials: The state's industrial potentials, by local government areas, are as follows:

DutseGarbage industry Stone Crushing White bricks manufacturing plant Modern Bakery Concrete Block industry Printing services industry Cooking gas refilling plant Car wash services Tailoring industry Nail making plant Children's disposable items industry Grains processing plant Restaurant services Poultry keeping and Hatchery Modern Slaughter House Manure Manufacturing industry

Hadejia Spinning industry Match manufacturing Poultry keeping and hatchery Feed Mill Leather tanning and finishing Mini flour mill and bakery Soft drinks manufacturing Fish production and smoking Ice block manufacturing Paper manufacturing Particle board and ceiling manufacturing Xray film manufacturing Confectionery plant Plastic wares Cotton white calico weaving

Gumel Modern bakery