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Arrow Public Holidays In Nigeria:

Below are the major public holidays observed in Nigeria. On special occassions, the Federal government can declare public holidays.            Read History of Nigeria

New Year's Day January 1  
Id-El-Fitri January 9-10  
Id-El-Kabir March 17   
Hajire (New year) April 7-18  
Good Friday   April 21  
Easter Monday   April 24  
Workers' Day May 1  
Children's Day May 27  
Id-El-Maulud June 17  
National Day October 1  
Chrismas Day December 25  
Boxing Day December 26  

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Nigerian Government

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is governed in accordance with the provisions of a Constitution.In 1914 the Protectorates of Southern and Northern Nigeria were amalgamated with the Colony (Lagos) by Lord Lugard to form what is now known as Nigeria.

Nigerian Music

The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of Folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments, and songs.
Listen to music of Nigeria.