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Nigeria - Guideline for Site Submission

We ask that you follow three simple, yet important steps if you have a site (URL) you'd like to suggest for inclusion in our directory:

Step 1: Check to See if Your Site is Already in OnlineNigeria
An important first step, because if your site is already listed in OnlineNigeria, you need go no further. Check by searching OnlineNigeria for your site by title, or by browsing appropriate categories.

(Note: If your site is already listed in OnlineNigeria but you want to change its comments, title, and/or placement, you need to use this form. Make sure you describe the changes you want made accurately

Step 2: Find the Appropriate Category in OnlineNigeria
Finding an appropriate category for your site is at the heart of this process. Remember that OnlineNigeria Surfers visit each site suggested to us, and proper categorization on your part helps us process suggestions quickly.

Step 3. Suggest Your Site From the Appropriate Category
Suggest your site from the category you think most appropriate. Do this by clicking on the "Suggest a Site" link at the top of that category page. (It's just to the right of the category name.) Again, there is a list of important pointers to help you establish where your site belongs. Also remember that the final placement of your site is determined by OnlineNigeria Surfers.

When you click on "Suggest a Site" in the appropriate category, you'll see an online form asking for information about your site.

On the header of the form, you'll see the name of the category you've chosen. Please be prepared to provide, among other information, your site's title, URL, and a brief description.

Finally, thanks for the site. Thanks for contributing to OnlineNigeria. By following the above steps (in order, no less!) you're helping us process sites in a timely manner.





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