Posted by on 1/30/2003 12:37:37 PM

The state is richly endowed for agricultural, industrial and commercial development. Gombe State holds out considerable prospects for investors, tourists and settlers.

The people, the vast agricultural potential, and the numerous mineral resources in the state constitute invaluable assets for economic investments. They are considerable economic potentials if properly harnessed, particu larly for agrobased and solid mineralbased manu facturing industries. Industrial potentials abound in the state.

Most of the existing industries in the state were those established long before the state was created. They are mostly agrobased, with the exception of Ashaka cement industry.

The state has very few medium and large industries, but mainly cottage and small industries with little or no multiplier and accelerator effects on the other sectors of the state's economy (Appendix 1). There are therefore considerable potentials for industrial .

This is a virgin area for profitable investments. Solid mineralbased industrial potentials in the state include those for paint making, ceramics, block making, glass/bottles making, metal fabrication, asbestos industries, jewelries and gem cutting. There are potentials also for pharmaceutical blending industries and bags/sacks making.

The government has issued comprehensive ' documents on the Industrial Policy of Gombe State t and on Gombe State Investment Guide. The industrial policy provides attractive incentives for , investors wishing to invest in the state. It also provides for the development of economic and social infrastructure in the state.

In the tourism and hospitality sector, numerous investment opportunities exist in the state, espe t cially in hotels, amusement parks, zoos, cinemas, i museums and art galleries development. Gombe . State, as yet, has no fivestar hotel, or facilities such f as zoos, parks and museums.

The few cinema houses and hotels existing in the state capital cannot meet the everincreasing demand for these facilities in the state. Investors would, therefore, ' benefit immensely in the state in these areas. Cotton and raw leather production is substantial in the state. The Waja tribes of Balanga LGA are famous for their locallywoven leather apparels