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Water Supply: The state has developed three multipurpose dams, namely Balanga, Cham and Dadin Kowa dams which provide, especially, water for irrigation and electricity for industrial and domestic use. The government has also provided over

Ashaka Cement Factory, Bajoga
Ashaka Cement Factory, Bajoga

eighty boreholes throughout the state for domestic, urban and agricultural water use (Table 15.5).

Electricity: The installed capacity in Gombe State by 1998 was about 15.0 MVA; the total num ber of units of electricity in the state was about 1.2 MW; while the total units consumed in the state was 6.7MW.

There are, currently, proposals to update the 2 x2.5 MVA 33/11KV transformer substation at Dukku road (Tashen Dukku); and an additional 1x7.5 MVA 33/11 KV transformer injection substa tion at Biu road, Gombe. This brings it to a total number of 37.5 MVA 33/11KV transformer as installed capacity.

Telecommunications: Gombe State has today over 9,000 telephone lines.

Postal Services: There were, by 1999, twelve post offices and five postal agencies in all the three Postal Districts in the state. There were seven post offices and postal agencies in Gombe Postal District, the most served; two post offices in Billiri District; and three post offices and three postal agencies in Kaltungo Postal District.

Roads and Railways: The state is fairly well served with trunk A roads. The nylon tarred roads link up the LGA Headquarters, except for Shongorn, Balanga and Dukku LGAs whose roads construc tion is in the pipeline. Because Gombe is an agrarian state, the Government has successfully connected all village areas with year round motorable lateritecovered feeder roads. It has, therefore, improved accessibility to sources of agricultural produce and raw materials in the state.

The KafanchanMaiduguri rail line passes through Gombe, Bima and Bajoggi towns, thus traversing Gombe LGA in the centre of the State, through Kwami and Funakaye LGAs in the northeast of Gombe town. Tables 15.915.14 show the various facilities available for petroleum products marketing; health and education in the state.

Shopping Facilities: There are in the state capital, branch offices of the major local multi national commercial giants, such as UAC, CFAO,GBO, John Holt, Dangote Group of Companies, Nigeria Bottling Company, Nestle Foods, Cadbury, Pfizer, PZ, Nigeria Breweries, Guinness and Nasco Foods.

Because of the presence of these reputable companies in the state capital, many departmental stores and supermarkets have sprung up all over the state.

Tourism And Recreation: Gombe State is located within the heartland of the country in an area that is characterised by beautiful natural fea tures ranging from colourful open places (especially in the rainy season) and wonderful hilly forma tions and caves.

Jewel Hotel, Gombe
Jewel Hotel, Gombe

Numerous tourism attractions exist in Gombe State which, when properly harnessed, will boost the revenue base of the state and provide employment for its citizens. Northern and central Gombe State, which lie within the famous Gongola Basin as well as the southern parts of the state which are predominantly mountainous, present numerous attractions and camping sites.

In addition, the state's numerous historical monuments such as the Bubayero Tomb in Gombe Abaa town in Dukku LGA and the Tula Battle field at Tula in Kaltungo LGA, as well as the rich cultural heritage, colourful annual festivals and ceremonies performed by the various tribal groups in the state, provide attractions for both local (Nigerian) and international tourists and leisure seekers. The list is quite impressive (Appendix II).

, lowing security facilities or outfits: One Military Area , Guide (Rear Lugard Unit), one Police Area i Command, eleven Police Divisional offices, eight ) Police outstations, and sixtyseven Police out 1 posts. In addition, there were firefighting units in parts of the state.