Cultural Etiquette: Cultural Dos and Taboos

Posted by on 5/29/2005 8:53:44 AM
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1. Shaking hands is the acceptable form of greeting. You may find people bowing to their superiors and the elderly.

2. Greetings should always include some interest in your acquaintances family and health.

3. Women with children, pregnant women and the elderly should always get the right of way in public places or public transportation.

4. Do be not over complimentary of a person's dress or belongings, he or she mat feel obligated to give you what you find attractive. However, be sure to compliment a dinner or food prepared by a Nigerian host.

5. The left hand rules apply here. Do not take or give anything with the left hand. Do not eat with the left hand.

6. Note that Nigeria is a culturally and religiously diverse country where tribe and ethnic affiliation is important. Be sure to be sensitive to these differences