November Festivals

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Ogume, a town of seven villages in the Ndokwa West Local Government area of Delta State. Its people who are unified through the Nduku festival are farmers.The festival signifies three things. It introduces the new yam. It is a period for all sons and also daughters, wherever they may be, to come together, make merry and display their culture.

It is a period to appease the gods.Otu-Onuogbe Age Grade, made up of people in the age bracket of 35-40 years, play a major role in the festival.Nduku festival takes place every November after Nze festival in August. It lasts for 10 days.However, the most important day of the festival is Eke Uku.

The festival is celebrated every two years. It usually commences on the third Thursday of November and lasts for four days. It is celebrated in appreciation of Akaso's (a female deity)protection and for all the good things it has done for the people. It involves cleansing of the town from evil committed on or against the land.

It also involves feasting. It is celebrated by the Kalahari people of Rivers State.The significance of Akaso also lies in the fact that she commanded seven pythons out of Kalahari General Well (Ama su we) and send them to the sea. These seven pythons were a source of serious concern as they were dwelling in the well and swallowed seven people every year.

It is usually celebrated after the rains in the Fulani towns of Katsina, Kano and Adamawa.It is a festival where unmarried young men are whipped to test their endurance and eligibility to marry. It is marked with lots of dancing and festivities.

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