April Festivals

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Celebrated by the Ijaws of Okrika in the Okrika Local Government area of Rivers state. It is celebrated once in 10years or at major occassions. The festival which displays a Boa constrictor masquerade on water, is very colorful, flamboyant and quite expensive to celebrate.The high point of the festival is the offer of gifts such as live goats or other animals which the odum swallows without blinking.

Cultural Troupe of Benue StatePATEGI REGATTAThis festival, Which was initated in 1953 as a river sport competition, takes place in april every year in Kwara State. It features fishing Swimming and canoe paddling .

OVIA OSESEThis festival takes place in Ogori/Mangongo town near Okene, Kogi state two weeks after Easter. It is celebrated to mark maiden initiation into womanhood.

RIVERS STATE FESTIVAL WEEK The annual festival takes place in the first week of April . Celebrated to showcase the cultural and tourism potentials of Rivers State. It involues Cultural dances, Masquerade displays , fishing competition, musical Jamboree , boat regatta, street procession and illumination.

Olo festival is celebrated by the Ekoli people, Edda Afikpo in Abia State.It is a maiden dance where all women lead their wards to the water for rituals.

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