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Economic Climate: Opportunities exist in the a state for free participation in the economy by the government, private corporate bodies and individuals. A team from a South African company, the South African Terra Exploitation and Development Limited, has visited the state in recent times to ;ts arrange for the exploitation of coal and other mineral .

An Israeli Agricultural Team has made an exploratory tour of the state, and the state govern 3d ment plans to set up international farms in partner .nt ship with the Israelis. Also, the Levy Farms in the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S.A., has signed a ne memorandum of understanding in agriculture with the state government and another USbased firm A) has indicated interest in establishing an agricultural equipment farm.

Petroleum prospecting is going on he in the state with very strong hopes of discovery. All these are indicative of a promising economic cli mate. The booming economy of the towns, especially that of Enugu, with thriving industrial activities cen tred on the Emene Industrial Estate, forms another important part of the favourable economic climate.

Other businesspromoting features include the availability of a ready market within and outside the , state for industrial and agricultural products, the " provision of readymade industrial layouts, the exis tence of modern communication facilities, finance houses and other necessary infrastructure

Industrial Potentialities: The potentials for future expansion of industries in the state are immense. The state has a directory of potential a industrial projects to guide prospective investors. in Some of the industries recommended in the profile, based on local availability of raw materials, are rice milling, production of palmkernel oil, maize flour, cassava starch and cashewnut oil for agrobased industries.

Others include sugar and alcohol indus ny tries, egg and meat processing and packaging, manufacturing of paint, soap, shoe polish, calcium a carbide, creams and ointments, ceramic wares, paper, plastic containers, glass and burnt bricks, an automobile gaskets and oil filters, battery contain "V ers and PVC electrical wires.

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