January Festivals

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Ekpe is celebrated in the villages in the Ikuwuano Argungu Fishing FestivalLocal Government area of Abia State every market day fro the 1st to the 15th of January. It is an ancestral thanksgiving that culminates in the sacrificial goat ceremony when the masquerade must cut off the head of the goat with one strike of the matchet. Failure to accomplish this brings odium and sadness to the villagers. It involves three days of dance and all kinds of merriment.

Nwaotam is a yearly event that takes place from December 31st to January 1st. The actual play takes place on the first day of the year . The masquerade serves as a unifying factor and event for home coming for the Opobo people. Every Opobo son nd daughter, young or old looks forward to the great Masquerade whose display is mostly on the roof top of King Jaja's House.

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