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Economic Climate: Government's efforts to create a conducive investment climate in the state include the granting of loans to willing entrepre neurs (i.e. local investors) to establish small and medium industries. A package of incentives for for eign investors is also available. These include, capital allowance, tax holiday, relief and tariff pro tection.

Industrial Potentialities: A wide array of raw materials for agriculture and mineralbased indus tries exist in the state, offering considerable invest ment opportunities. The raw materials from agriculture include oil palm, rubber, cassava, maize, fruits and vegetable. The possible areas for investments that will rely on agricultural raw materials include:


(a) Palm oil: Production of fatty oil used in paint and soap manufacture; production of palm wine for export trade to European market; and distilling of gin from raffia and oil palm wine.

(b) Rubber: Production of such items as belts, pipes, mats, auto accessories, shoe heels and soles, seal washers and bungs. (c) Cassava: Production of industrial starch.
(d) Maize: Establishment of feedmills.
(e) Fruits and Vegetables:
Processing for fruit juice and tomato puree.
(f) Fish:
In fishing industries, opportunities exist for establishment of textile and equipment industry, manufacturing of fishing nets, boat building and canning industries.

(g) Timber: Projects for investment using timber include: the production of chip board or particle board, toilet rolls and corrugated boards for packaging, small toys, tooth picks, pegs, spoons, ice cream sticks and straw matting for pack ing. It also includes the production of pre fabricated housing units.

Products from mineral based industries also provide wide opportunities for investment. The existing mineralbased industries in Delta State are: Bendel Glass Factory (Ughelli), Delta Glass Company (Ughelli), Oil Refinery (Warri), Petro chemical Plant (Ekpan) and Delta Steel Company (Aladja). The products are glasses, carbon black, polypropylene, gas and steel billets respectively. Specific projects with aood investment poten

Glass: Glass bottles for beverages and brewery industries; Permaldyhyde Resin: used in the ply wood industries;

Steel billets:
The linkage industries that can attract investments are foundry and diecasting; prefabrication industries for the supply of spare parts required in auto mobile industries, rolling mills and flat mills;

Oil Refining:
Investment opportunities contingent upon refining and ancillary activities, include establishment of indus tries for the following industrial and food grade solvents: insecticides; cosmetics mineral oil, petroleum jelly, greases, bitu minousbased water/dampproof building materials such as floor tiles, rubber prod ucts, tarpaulins, etc.; asphalt storage, packaging and blending plants to handle products for export and local use.

Carbon black and Polypropylene from petrochemical industries at Ekpan:
The carbon black would be required for the establishment of industries for the manufacture of tyres, rubber products, pigment printing inks, etc.

The industries that require the use of polypropylene include industries for the production of injection moulding, blow moulding, fibres extrusion, shipping sacks, prayer mats, carpet underlay and cloth wrap.

Gas Industry: Opportunities exist for the establishment of industries for the extrac

tion of solvents for both domestic and export markets and the manufacture of fertiliser. For the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), opportunities exist for pipe laying, pipe coating, inspection and numerous processrelated activities as well as mar itime operations.

Oil exploration activities: Opportunities exist for surveying, such as geodetic con trol establishment and sea bottom sur vey: civil works covering preparation of drilling location; seismic data acquisition and interpretation; geological and geo chemical studies.

In drilling operations, exploration companies depend on the services of oil field contractors for the supply of drilling and workover rigs, field transportation and equipment for haulage and rig movements; general and spe cialised services such as casing running, segmentation, welding, diving and cater ing; provision of muds and other chemi cals.

In crude oil transportation and stor age, investment opportunities exist for the construction and maintenance of crude oil storage tanks and pipelines. In exploration and production, NNPC con stantly considers requests from investors interested in the acquisition of acreages for hydrocarbon exploration, and the sub sequent development and operation of such fields.

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