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Governor: Theodore Orji (PPA)
Date Created: August 27, 1991

Capital: Umuahia

Main Towns: Aba, Isiukwuato, Umuahia, Arochukwu, Ohafia, Bende, Abiriba, Omoba, Nbawsi.

Abia State is in the south East of Nigeria and is an igbo speaking state. The state was carved out of Imo State on August 27, 1991. It consists of 17 Local Government Areas, namely:

Aba North, Aba South, Isiala-Ngwa North, Ukwa West, Ukwa East, Obingwa, Isiala Ngwa South, Ikwuano, Bende, Arochukwu, Ohafia, Isiukwuato, Umuahia, Ugunagbo, Osisioma, Umuahia South and Nneochi.

The State shares boundaries with Imo State in the west, Cross River State in the east, Akwa Ibom and Rivers in the south and Ebonyi and Enugu States in the north.

The people of Abia State are predominantly traders and Aba is regarded as one of the largest commercial towns in the country. Its people are travellers and they are found in nearly all the commercial cities of the world in pursuit of business contacts and transactions.

Besides trading, the people of Abia State are farmers and crops obtained in the State include palm produce, maize, rice, yam, cassava, fruits and vegetables.

Abia State is blessed with mineral resources such as lead, zinc, fine sand, limestone and petroleum.

Education is given top priority in the state and this is evident by the numerous private schools in the state. There is the Abia State University at Uturu, Isiukwuato LGA, Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike-Umuahia and other higher institutions and Colleges of Education.

There are many tourist centres in Abia State but the most outstanding are the National War Museum, Umuahia, the Azumini Blue River in Ukwa East Local Government Area, and the historic Long Juju of Arochukwu..

Main hotels includes Hotel Damgrete in Umuahia and Crystal Park hotel in Aba. There are also the Abia Hotels at Aba and Umuahia. Abia State is one of the few states that have commercial, agricultural and mineral potentials in the country.

The Abia people are very creative. They dominate the productive sector of the economy. Many of the home-made products generally come from Aba . Major industrial concerns in the state include Golden Guinea Breweries, Umuahia, Aba Textile Mills, International Glass Industries, Aba and Modern Ceramics, Umuahia.

It could likely be said that there is nothing that could not be produced in Abia State if the necessary raw materials and equipments are made available. Abia State is rightly tagged the "Japan of Nigeria" because of it's dominance and technological advancement in Nigeria