Football Prediction in Nigeria and Betting As a Source of Employment

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Posted by on Thursday, January 5th, 2017
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The catastrophic state of the economy in Nigeria has seen many individuals turn to other sources of employment just to make ends meet. This has contributed immensely to the growth of football prediction websites and also the gambling industry as a whole.
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Many Nigerians no longer watch football for the love of the game, but rather to see prospective teams to place bets on. It is not unusual to visit football viewing centres and sight people with long strips of paper containing bets placed for the day. Some leave the centres excited by their wins while most leave with an utterly downcast aura as money has just been lost.
It is evident that the football prediction industry is here to stay and as such a lot of dubious entrants have taken advantage of the despair thereby carting away with people’s hope.
In this article we would attempt to enlighten readers on how to distinguish between a genuine prediction website and how you can avoid the misleading ones. You don’t have to undergo a bad experience before you can learn, always seek knowledge and enlightenment.

What is Football Prediction?
This is the science of analysing football matches using relevant statistics such as the form of the teams playing, the number of goals scored per match, head to head performance, injury status and other relevant data to determine the final outcome or alternate outcome of a soccer match.
Most times, it goes beyond statistics and figures. You may need to consider the mentality of the teams. Does a team desperately need a win in this match to avoid relegation? Is the competition an important one at the stage they currently are in? Is the coach preparing a strategic line-up? There are so many factors to consider when forecasting a soccer match.
This a really tedious process requiring expert analysis and patience to observe trends and make a logical conclusion based on data. Due to the nature of this industry, many providers would rather take the easy way out to cheat people rather than do the work required.

How to Differentiate Between a Good Soccer Prediction Website and a Bad One
In this section we would show you the tricks implored and what you should look out for.
1.Consistency in Posting Tips. A good tipping platform would consistently post forecasts on its website for users to make selections. A bad one would ask you to pay now that the tips would arrive at a certain date and everyone should make payments before that day arrives. This is most likely a scam. Since there are no Jobs in Nigeria, many people devise means to rip off undiscerning individuals.
2.Look out for results. It is very important to see how a platform has performed over a specific period of time. This is why good websites would always publish their results for users to judge their performance. Avoid sites that hide their results or publish fake results to deceive users.
3.Watch out for people claiming to give you 100% accurate games. In this industry, so long as human beings are the ones playing the match on the pitch, nothing is ever guaranteed. Referees make mistake in judgement and cancel goals. Players can get red cards. Upsets can occur at any time. So anybody guaranteeing you 100% accurate games doesn’t know what he is talking about or is looking to scam you.
4.Avoid Fixed Match Scams. This is one of the greatest and most used method people get scammed in betting. Does match fixing occur? Yes it does. It happens in almost all sports. But the people who fix matches do not come on social media or any web page to broadcast that they have fixed matches. People who fix matches are extremely careful because there are grave consequences for engaging in this activity. We can assure you that nobody on the internet can provide a fixed match to you.
Some people may have previously bought fixed matches and it was successful and they can beat their chest that it is real. Well, these scammers run a clever pyramid scheme they send a group of people different set of results they have claimed have been fixed. At the end of the day, one set would definitely win while the others lose. The individuals that won would be elated at their victory and would bring more people into the system. It is a clever pyramid scheme run by bad platforms.
5.Be careful when navigating on poorly designed sites. Pages with too many flashing animations spell doom
This post was written to guide active individuals in this sector. There are so many other methods implored that we may have skipped. The most important thing to do is to be careful as many people without gainful employment and satisfying jobs always devise means to rip people off. If any opportunity is too good to be true, then it probably is.

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