Are most Nigerian artists original?

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Posted by Dhaveed AcE on Thursday, October 6th, 2016
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While watching MTV Base or just going through most music blogs you are likely to come across new artists and definitely new music, in most cases these artists have to pay blogs to hype their material just to get a little popularity.

Then if that doesn't work they find an who has gained mainstream popularity in the industry and feature him on a song just to get attention but this still does little and the reason is simply ‘originality’. These Up and coming artists look at an established artists and pray to be just like him or her.

This isn't the problem but the problem is when this admiration of an artist turns into imitation. These artists eventually get too influenced by other artist’s music and eventually end up not discovering their own sound.

When Reekado banks started releasing tracks back-to-back so many people refused to be fans of his music just because of the strong similarity between his music and that of Wizkid. But unlike so many other artists Reekado Banks was able to let everyone know the difference.

With his just released album the Mavins 2.0 Front liner was able to cut across so many genre’s and equally portray different messages in the 21 songs which make up the album. With this step everyone could now see the difference. But only fee artists are wise enough to do this.

Another example of an exceptionally unique artist is Milli, the leader of the Up Next Universe. Until his departure from Chocolate City no one actually knew who Milli is and only very few know who he is and this is because of his music. Milli’s ‘Don’t Ask me What happened’ is one of my favourite mixtapes from a Nigerian artist and this because he refused to release music that would sound less like him or would lead him to deviation from his actual sound.

Over the years the Nigerian Music Industry has been flooded with so many artists all trying to develop a fanbase,gain popularity and win awards, but is this possible without originality.

Now in the Industry there are so many Wizkid’s, Davido’s and Olamide’s who have decided to make music similar to other artists just to increase the marketability of their artistry but unknown to these artists this does not work.

To me the best Nigerian Artists are the likes of Runtown,Burna boy,Maleek Berry, Milli, Techno,Jesse Jagz and Viktoh. Yes I mean Ybnl,s Viktoh.

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