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Posted by Bashorun on Monday, September 26th, 2016
Views: 315 Post Comment BROKEN RIB (AGAINST DIVORCE) Nigeria

BROKEN RIB (Against Divorce)


The people gathered at his home.


Some to console him.

Others to celebrate his 'freedom from bondage'


They filled their plates with choicest delights.

The bar was crowded with drinks being passed around.


The offender came back


On her knees,

His wife came to his side.


She had been caught in the act days back.

Forceful eviction from her home had been the reward for her 'infidelity'


Now she was back.

A broken woman who wanted to fight for her marriage. 


*Dakun Olowo ori mi*. 

*Akanbi iko, omo ekun*


She spoke his oriki.

Those words that swelled his head once.


*Ranti igbati oti ife pa wa*

She reminded him of the good times.


Promised him of her unflinching faithfulness to him.


His 'so-called' friends cut her short.


Sycophants whose tongues were filled with deceit.


*Na so all women dey do o*. They said.


Fools, whose tongues were yielding instruments for sowing discord for the devil.


*She will teach your children the same*


They forgot that children of broken homes were always broken in ways unnoticeable with the human eye.


*You will get another woman*. They told him.


A fact, 

Not to be contested because of his looks and wealth.


A lie, 

Disguised to derail him from achieving God's plan for his life.


For she was God's perfect gift to him.


The destined second mate in his ship on the voyage across the raving stormy sea of life.


At the nick of time,

His true friend spoke out.


That friend who had the permission to tell him the bitter truth at all times.


*Listen to this woman ore*

Her knees,

Signifying her humility to you.


Her tears, 

Evidence that God has made you worth crying over.


Do you remember my friend?


When we both spent time with those waitresses. 


When we were engulfed in the arms of strange women.

And dulled our senses to keep out guilty emotions about our wives.


It hurts.. Yes it hurts

Alas.. we are humans.


Subject to the falling into temptuous  pleasures of this life.


Victims of errors we commit everyday.


Listen to her.

Receive her back.


Remember not her past mistakes.

For what benefit will it bring, but to only sow seeds of discord(fight) in your future.


Pay attention to her. 


*Se o ngbo?*

*Inu go?*

*Can you hear me?*.


For I know you failed to pay attention.


You fell into the pit of chore.

Starting each day of your marriage with fixed routine.


*Be spontaneous ore*


Spice up your marriage.

For I perceive that you regard her as a log of wood incapable of exciting reactions. 


*Take her out more ore*


Bring her to our boys night out.

And truly enjoy her favorite fashion channels when the remote finds its way into her hands.


*I know no one but Jesus ore*


His presence in your home will make you both one again.


It is five years now.


It is her birthday today.


Driving with His dearest and their kids at the back.


On the way to surprise her with the best gift.


He looks in the mirror,


Thanking God for making the painful decision of accepting her back years ago.


Thanking God for his true friend's harsh but true words.


He looks at her.

Leans over and plasters a huge kiss on her cheeks.


Thank God for giving him this queen.


For though she was not always perfect.

She was a clear reminder that God's blessings always resided in his home.


She was indeed, a priceless jewel to him.


Beloved, divorce is certainly not the best way to solve marital problems. Being humans means we could and we would fall. Nevertheless, when we do, let us endeavor to work things out with our spouses instead of condemning the union to an early death and raising up the children to believe divorce to be a great means of conflict resolution. 



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