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Agricultural Resources:

Bauchi State has a lot of potentials for investment and development in A People United, A Future Assured Volume 2 direct agricultural production (arable or animal), in agro-based industries and in other forms of light, medium and possibly, also heavy industries. Animal rearing and production are important in the state. Among the animals are cattle, goats, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Poultry is also significant.

By 1988, Bauchi State had an estimated 1.25 million out of Nigeria's total of 4.73 million cattle; 2.1 million out of Nigeria's 12.7 million sheep; 20,000 out of Nigeria's 730,000 donkeys and 67,000 out of Nigeria's total of 923,000 pigs. The Integrated Rural Development Agency has provided packaged plans on poultry production, sheep and cattle fattening for live meat production or simple meat processing plants. These are still largely virgin areas of investment.

The numerous dams and the agro-service system for the supply of farm inputs and services to farmers and fishermen provide suitable incentives for further investments in the agricultural sector. Moreover, there is substantial expanse of land for farming purposes. Indeed, it was estimated that by 1986, only about twenty per cent (some 11,090 sq. km) of the usable arable land was actually cropped in the state.

Mineral Resources:

Bauchi State has several mineral deposits. They include: gold, cassiterite (tin ore), columbite, gypsum, wolfram, coal, limestone, lignite and iron ore. However, only a few of these are as yet being mined, as some of them occur only in traces. Thus, for example, cassiterite is mined in places like Gamau and Maijuju. Quarrying of granite and other rocks for road and other construction goes on in the south-western parts of the state within the basement complex and plateau area, especially in Toro LGA.

It is known that formal mining of tin within the Jos Plateau started in 1905 in Tilden Fulani, Toro LGA in Bauchi State. A monumental mining beacon has been erected at this first tin mining site. The various minerals in the state are in some cases viable basis for investments. An example is the Misau Ceramic Factory, based on locally available clay and silica sand.

It is estimated that the Darazo/Misau clay deposits could support an industry for up to eighty years. Similar clay deposits occur in Udubo and several other parts of the state, and the Nigerian Mining Corporation (NMC) has surveyed many of them, while the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria has carried out a geological survey and feasibility study of the silica sands in Jalam.

It is reported that samples of precious stones have been obtained from Dass, Tafawa Balewa and Toro LGAs. Gallena is available in Musel, in Zungur District of Bauchi LGA. These are other minerals in the state which provide considerable development/investment potentials.

Bauchi State has already witnessed some industrial investments and developmentsas. However, these are concentrating mainly in Bauchi town. The state is fast developing into an important economic and investment are also in the modern financial sector. This is shown by the existence of several commercial and financial institutions and insurance companies Particularly significant is the existence of a branch of the central bank of nigeria (CBN) Which acts as a currency distribution center for banks in the north eastern zone of the country, So also is the presence of a branch of the peoples's bank in bauchi town . There is indeed still room for expansion and viable investments in this sector .

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