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The pursuit and reward of excellence are ancient features of Nigerian society. Whether we are concern with Old Oyo or the Habe dynasty of ancient Hausaland; whether our reference is the Benin Kingdom or the multiple republics of Igboland or indeed, the numerous other political and social expressions of Nigeria's over three hundred and fifty ethnic and national groups, men and women of outstanding talent, achievement and performance have always been recognized and rewarded by society.

In turn, such recognition and reward derived from the relevance and utility of such men and their work. Thus, our collective memory as a people is replete with the recurrence of the names of such illustrious ancestors as Queen Amina of Zaria, King Jaja of Opobo, Nana Olomu of the Niger Delta, Moremi of Ife, Madam Tinubu of Lagos and a host of others..

The Nigeria National Merit Award scheme is an attempt to transpose this ancient value into a modern potential in the context of our present day nation - state status. It is designed to accord recognition to outstanding contribution by individual Nigerians in specific areas such as Science, Technology, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Arts and Culture.

While placing on record the names and achievement of some Awards winners, they do not in any way exhaust the large universe of men and women of creative talent and intellectual excellence with which Nigeria as a country is richly blessed.

We salute the achievements of these worthy Nigerians who should inspire in us the confidence and hope to face the future knowing that we have all the ingredients to stand tall in the community of Nations.


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