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Christian Oyakhilome

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Christian Oyakhilome (known popularly as "Pastor Chris") is a Nigerian televangelist, faith healer and founding president of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated also known as "Christ Embassy", a Pentecostal Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

The pastor's television programs feature his faith healing and been targeted by the government for these claims. Like other modern African Pentecostal ministries, Oyakhilome's is primarily directed toward youth of all classes, specifically the large Pentecostal Christian populations in southern Nigeria and South Africa. Oyakhilome has a strong South African following and is notable for organising the Night of Bliss South Africa at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. Oyakhilome has also been criticised by the Treatment Action Campaign for his support of faith healing to cure HIV.

Personal life

He is the author of several books such as "None of These Diseases" and "Rhapsody of Realities" which he co-authors with his wife, Pastor Anita.

Presiding over an ever-widening network of Christ Embassy Churches and campus fellowships on all five continents, Rev. Chris also pastors one of the largest congregations in Africa. He holds massive teaching and healing "crusades" with crowds of over 3.5 million in a single night's event.

The Healing School is a ministry of Pastor Chris which claims to "manifest the healing works of Jesus Christ today," and claims to have helped many receive "healings" and "miracles" through the gifts of the Spirit in operation.

In Year 2003, he pioneered the first 24-hour Christian Network from Africa to the rest of the world. He is also the host of "Atmosphere for Miracles", a programme on major television networks around the world.

He is married to Pastor Anita, also a minister.


Chris Oyakhilome is a Pastor and Bible-Teacher with a Healing Ministry. His company Believers LoveWorld Incorporated, (a.k.a Christ Embassy) is a global ministry with a vision of "taking God's divine presence to the nations of the world." This is attempted through every available means.

Through the years, various arms of the Ministry have been developed: A TV Ministry, Internet Ministry, the Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities, and an Inner-city mission; where children are fed, housed, clothed, educated and given a chance to live out their dreams. The Ministry also hosts various "crusades" in the largest arenas in various countries where millions have attended, and miraculous works have been demonstrated.[citation needed] The venues of such meetings are constantly filled to capacity.He has held Higher Life conferences in the United Kingdom, the United states of America, Canada, Nigeria and a special program titled 'Night of bliss' in South Africa. Some of these meetings have pulled a crowd of over 3.5 million people in a single night's meeting like the Good Friday miracle service in lagos Nigeria.[citation needed]

This global mission has led to the establishment of an ever-widening network of hundreds of churches and fellowships worldwide in all continents.

Prayer network

Pastor Chris runs a global prayer network using social network platforms to send messages to his followers regularly. Known as PastorChrisLive on those platforms, he currently has over 1 million followers on Twitter and over 1.2 million friends on Yookos.

Television networks

    * LoveWorld TV

    * LoveWorld SAT

    * LoveWorld Plus


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