ohio okhai elakhe

So-called ‘Dream Team’

We used the named dream team which originated from the US. A nickname for its team with unusual talent. When we did this we equally had an unusual team with extra ordinary talent. But we have failed to notice that the U.S stopped using this name when its team stopped performing well, knowing that the public were irritated. The name they used to create awareness to the better performance of the team is redemption team. It becomes necessary to actually observe the U.S and see how it got back to the top. ... Full story

Six Reasons “Our House’ May Be In Order

From personal observation, which stands to be corrected, Nigeria is the only country especially developing that does not want to see sport as an economic activity which can uplift the lives of its people especially the unemployed. Mostly noticeable in the NFF/NPL and ministry of sport. It might just take six things to turns around ... Full story

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