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Dokubo Worth Trillions to Nigeria's Unity

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Author: Sylvester Ukusare
Posted to the web: 9/1/2005 6:22:06 PM

Time to time history reveals itself as a results of past and present episodes as with circumstances in the balkanized Niger Delta and more so south - south of the federal republic of Nigeria. Subsequently, it now suggests a redress to the national constitution for immediate amendment due to the activities led by Alhaji Asari Dokubo for a quest for the freedom and legacy of his ancestral terrains and natives from continuous suffering.
In the modern encyclopedia the name Asari Dokubo would always be referred to as, Martin Luther King Jnr of America, Matma Gandhi of India and Nelson Mandela of South Africa for his dedications toward the struggle for freedom of the oppressed minority region by the federal republic of Nigeria.
Asari has established a coherent attention to the Nigerian state through the courageous confrontation staged to the federal government, declaring she's practising governing system of ethnic bias, neo-imperialism, intimidation, extreme conservatism, injustice etc but not the conceptive perception of a true federalism state, accorded by the citizenry. He as well noted the politics of chameleonism by Nigerian southerners sub-divided with three regions presently, and being planted with inferiority complex arrowed with mental slavery in confronting their northern counterpart.
He denounced the government system and codified it as 'Structural Racism' composed with the ingredients of arrogancy, negligence to moral responsibility, accountability and transparency but not inbind with the presumption of prudence.
STATUS QUO As could be referred, the status quo of the Nigerian entity has been characterized with unjustified essence of inequality, in contrary dominated by ineligible aristocratic and feudalistic class of the northern predominated federated government with semblance of a monarchy kind of republic. Thus, giving myopic opportunity with tendency of automatic birth rights to loots and trespass properties of natural resources of others not apportioned to rights, of course, less privilege, like the minority groups of the Niger Delta through the mechanism of intimidations.
SUBJUGATIONAs a result of neo-colonization, that's effect the continuous marginalization impacted on the Niger Deltans, more so the South - South by the over-lordship of the federal government with culprits such as the majority ethnic groups who have been subjecting the people to perpetual poverty and progressively they have also compelled the area to swamps and tagged if as gambits of extra-planet beings as circumstance has contaminated the Nigerian state. The federal management has destined the South-South to a systematic circumstantial termination including the communities, where the oil are located, which are syndromes of excessive dictatorial governmental system.
The peculiarity comportment of the federal governments has posted big doubts before the ethnic minority groups that now evaporate suspicion and should be contested now, before it gets late, because the federated composition seems faulted.
But how immediate would the present civil government addressed these anatomy of jungle justice? We did start from somewhere, and now history has us by the throat.
Notwithstanding, Nigeria's history of the 1950s has attested with the reality of a codify federalism and it was the only established times of political freedom in the country, the essence of federalism was demonstrated by a deliberate quest of all Nigerians with intention for a transparence and unique government that would respond to the needs of the generality without distinctive phrase.
However, it is clearly indicated that the socio economic political situation in the country is currently polluted by lot of facts and all arrogated to maladministration, and fundamentally beclouded with corruption. As a result, the social climate of the country is pested with high crimes plus other odds in the society particularly to South - South, all is due to unemployment to the masses, yeaning for a place of work and eventually a salary at the month end but the government is still yet to award its citizens the most fundamental moral obligation. The middle class does not have a position in the modern day Nigeria. But the middle class as such is the authentic representatives of our society if the federal government could only yield to the quest of the marginalized Niger Delta for a true fiscal federalism, Resource control and devolutional federated system that applies in all federated democratic world.
But recent political development in Nigeria indicates that the balkanized South - South, more so the Niger Delta represents those world geo-political regions in the context of our country as the Darfur in Southern Sudan, the aborigines in Venezuela, the Palestines and the trouble minority Sunnis of Iraq for an autonomous and just political definition. These regions of the world have been secluded from their reality with sorts of oppressions, injustice, intimidations and continues domination of their lands and resources by neo-imperialists. As a result, these are threats to world order, which the UNO could not resolve.
As at the moment, the would is severely inflicted by injustice, of course, most affected are the Sub-Saharan African regions predestined to Nigerians and particularly the South-South with eventual progression to the Niger Deltans.
Presently in the western world, they have passed repressive laws targeted to Terrorism and who are the real terrorists? But the case would eventually be the reverse, due to the fact that they will use this opportunity to start harassing, incriminating and deporting Africans discriminatively and Nigerians would be the most victims to be affected simply because we are being hated by the west and they use most of our citizens for their selfish interest to serve as informants so as to retain their stay permit. Majority of these Nigerians falls within the rank and file of the geographical location of the Nigerian Southerners and with the predominance of the South East and South-South.
Therefore, it is time for the federal government to reestablish a socio economic political projects to set the economy booming and resolve the employment difficulty by making Nigeria a welfare state, whereby every entity of the society will be proud and be comfortable of being a Nigerian.
The federal government should as well intervene in the discriminative deportations of Nigerians by the host countries, because the act of the fundamental human rights has been thwarted by many western states purportedly acting under the aegis of the United Nations' 'Universal human rights charter'. Thus, our government is urged to respond speedily and accordingly to such gesture of nations thwarting the rights of individuals, but of the disguised for intolerance sake. Most racist countries are jubilating with the latest development and our government should not give a green light to this. Just a day after Italy enacted the terrorist law, many Nigerians have been indicted and deported. This is a breach of the Universal Human Rights with clauses such as freedom of movement, freedom of religion and freedom of association.
For the meantime, the present civil dispensation should consider the imminent threat that could stagnate the country, if a dialogue to resolve the imbalance in the social ramifications and status quo, impinge with deceits and ethnicity impetus coupled with authoritarian sort of federalism is not met now. However, let these trample comportments come to past.
THE DELEGATED CONFERENCEIt's important to say that the just concluded Confab was a failure considering the remark and events that motivated the delegates, of course, the patriots of the South - South to walk out from the conference. It was a political score to the delegates and a big pride to the minority region.
As been observed, most groups of the world, especially, the civil rights groups, made their grievance known through this method and at last they prevail, such was exactly the episode that took place on June 11, 2005 at the Confab convention culminated in the improper protocols for a fair, democratic deliberation.
The two strategic disciplines were the fundamental materials that motivated the President to cajole into perceiving the natural agitations by natives of the Niger Delta to have assembled the delegates for the NPRC conference, but was openly manipulated. There was a general consensus by the 400 delegates for the other 185 topics, however, it was a comic conference.Consequently, it is worth suggesting that a timetable for a critical review of the federal constitution be very imminent and the federal congress should give a chance of grace to the PRONACO, to avoid doubts from the citizens by applying the democratic principle of checks and balances through awarding the opportunity to conclude their procession and submit their version before final deliberation on the myriads problem affecting the governance of the Nigerian state.
In view of the above, the South-South, especially, the Niger Delta axis should seek and employ all civil process to dialogue with the federal government, to bring injustice of the century to past by judiciously applying the mechanism of democracy and let justice prevail as a stepping stone of guaranteeing human rights in a country composed multiethnic interest.
Meanwhile, it is complimentary that Alhaji Asari Dokubo is a God sent leader, the black Moses of the Niger Delta. Any threat that befalls him will eventually affect the nation and to the generality of Nigerian citizens. Therefore, those evil planners finding means to create confusion in the Niger Delta should desist and stop creating dissident factions amongst the NDPF movement, these disheartened persons involved would certainly gallop to their dooms. In today's Nigeria, Asari Dokubo represents a symbol of freedom from oppression in all nooks and corners of the South-South, but not just for the Niger Deltans, but also for other oppressed people of the country Niger Deltans in the Diaspora appreciate the activities of Dokubo and he has brought a great sense of pride and belonging to us and we keep on soliciting for his safety and protection by the governance of the South-South, particularly to his tribe leaders, the Ijaw.
Once again, this is the time we have to free ourselves from mental slavery, this will enable us arrive our desired destruction for freedom and justice.Conclusively, I use this opportunity to thank our great patriots in the concluded confab for their ferocious posture for emancipation and agitation for political rights, as a result, I doff my hat with a very special respect to the appreciated efforts of Chief E. K Clarke, D. Oronto, Prof O. Onoge, Prof Sagey and lots of others that could not be mentioned here. May the God of our ancestors keep you strong, courageous and fearless.
Signed:Mr. Sylvester UkusareSecretary GeneralNational Association of Niger Delta Natives in the Diaspora - ItalyChair - Coordinator - Urhobo Uvwie Community - CUU - ITALY.

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