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Ngor/Okpala: A Council Area in Need of Development

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Author: Nwaorgu Faustinus
Posted to the web: 9/8/2011 8:53:26 AM

Ngor/Okpala: A Council Area in Need of Development

Writtenby Nwaorgu Faustinus



Thereis no questioning the fact that Ngor/Okpala one of the oldest Local Government Areasin Imo State has not been given its pride of place in the scheme of things,politically or in terms of development. From 1999 to date one can hardlypinpoint one envious, jealousy-oriented or generating political position givento its daughters or sons at the international, national or state levels. Wherethis exists they prematurely fizzle out, perhaps a case of use and dumppolitics that has characterized politicking in this part of the world.



A few,mainly our sons, brothers, uncles, cousins etc whom most people believedmanaged to rig themselves back to elective positions after makingmouth-watering promises during electioneering, turn their backs on their  constituencywhile allegedly lining their bottomless vaults with the common wealth andpatrimony. When constituency-fund-driven projects are initiated, they are notonly purportedly inflated, but also sparingly and selfishly executed with theultimate purpose to attract the praises of sycophants or praise singers whohave sold their conscience to the dogs and for porridge of yam. All appears wehave accustomed ourselves to this grave injustice and marginalization.Complacency with the present state of affairs has become the in thing.   



Again,one finds it difficult to identify and appreciate state or third tierembarked-development projects that have direct impacts on its inhabitants. Thebottom line is: Ngor/Okpala has been marginalized. Take a tour of the overtwenty two communities that make up the council area, what is on ground interms of infrastructure will surely sadden a dispassionate assessor. Is it inthe area of roads, health centers, public schools, erosion control, povertyeradication, youth employment or job creation – it is saddening?



I rememberedvividly the comment made by the current governor of Imostate, Owelle Rochas Okoroha about the poor nature of Ngor/Okpala LGA roadswhen he was campaigning prior to the April 2011 gubernatorial election. Themanner he spoke on the nature of roads in the area left no one in doubt that hewill swing into action with a view to renovating and building new key roads whichthis writer had identified in his article titled “Barr. Enyinna Onuegbu and thechallenge of Ngor/Okpala Council Area” which was published in some internetbased media sites.



 Hundred days have elapsed since the Governor assumedthe reins of power, socio-political commentators, guest writers, analysts ofNgor/Okpala extraction among others have continued to watch the stategovernment and hope patiently that in no distant time,impact-directed-development projects will be bestowed on this disadvantagedcouncil area that ultimately played noteworthy role in ushering Owelle Rochasinto the Douglas House five months ago. Having performed somewhat averagelywithin the past one hundred days, by commencing road construction in some areas(not in Ngor/Okpala), payment of pensioners’ backlog of arrears and freetransport to their LGAs, introduction of free education in state publicschools, slight reduction in tuition fee, distribution of kerosene across the27 LGAs etc have shown that he has the interest of Imolites at heart. These friendlyinitiatives for many a commentator is complete departure from theadministration of his predecessor, Governor Ohakim who some believed acted likethe biblical Rehoboam. Notwithstanding the above commendable positive gestures,for some commentators who hail from the council area, the appointment of one oftheir sons as attorney general of the state government is not good enough as heis there to serve the interest of himself, the state governments, hisappointerâ's, political associates’ and cronies’ – not the general interestNgor/Okpala people.



Apartfrom the ever yearning need of appreciable infrastructural development in the councilarea namely, road construction, equipping and renovating  public schools and hospitals, ruralelectrification, locating industries, both public/private tertiary institutionsand at least one commercial bank to create job opportunity for the teeming numberof unemployed youths, it is also behooves the person representing Ngor/Okpalain the State House of Assembly to use his position to tackle the menace ofgolly erosion that has become a threat to those living close to Umuneke River. Thosewho use the votes of Ngor/Okpala electorates to ascend to elective pinnacleshould not ignore the council area by bequeathing on it lasting and commendabledevelopment projects not just to be remembered but also to be reelected insubsequent elections based on what they were able to achieve developmentallyduring their first tenure or risk the melancholic fate that befall theEx-Governor, Ikedi Ohakim who campaigned vigorously Ngor/Okpala to seek forvotes and spent so much money but was shown the way out just for a change. Thepeople from the council area are wiser ever than before as shown by what theydid to Owelle Rochas’ predecessor during the supplementary elections and wouldnot accept anything short of enduring developmental projects. The time to actis now. God bless Ngor/Okpala.



Nwao(r)gu,Faustinus wrote from Port Harcourt, Rivers State and be reached on 08035601312.

E-mail:ngor/okpalaresearcher@gmail.comor ngor/okpalaresearcher@yahoomail.com

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