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President Yar'adua Needs To Deal With Intriques and Power-Play

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Author: Comrade Ojeremen Stephen
Posted to the web: 7/29/2007 2:00:54 PM

The present dispensation needs to show to Nigerians that it is honestly searching for the solution.Government apparatus should be deployed in its fullest at tackling the core issues that face us as a nation, the common problems which we know are not mysterious but need only a determined effort and collective will to solve.The Yar'Adua government needs to exhibit the kind of commitment that will persist despite the temptations of disillusionment, despite many failures and only limited successes, inspired by the hope of a brighter future.(CBN ) is beautiful or average, the truth on ground is that the nation would be doomed to repeating the last eight years, not for lack of purpose but for refusal to learn from it.One of the few achievements in the last administration was the fact that few institutions were strengthened by the weakness of that era. Prominent among the few was the Judiciary this being against the backdrop of a President that saw the law as a backyard bin of his house.The question that needs answers is will Yar'adua not fight corruption with corruption.Will he allow the continous strides made by the Judiciary. Is he ready for a new improved Police? Any hope that the health sector, industries, power and education will be revived this time around.Is there any realistic hope that the new sets of Ministers have the magic wand.What really would and can change? I beg to re-echo again that except there is a honest search for understanding, education,organization, action that raises the cost of state violence for its perpetrators or that lays the basis for institutional change. There would be no answers,rather we would continually be plagued by the same questions.

I listened to these governors make a paper declaration of their assets, and I read the billions stolen by the past governors of other states and I took my time to study the rate of decay in this society.I was damn scared...God has left us to sort things out ourselves.Why do these people steal and rob their own people?this much in all wickedness and still have people respect them...the President of the country finished his tenure of  (8 ) eight years rule and went back to his County home Abeokuta and the poor people or his cronies flocked the Church and had a Church service for him and the Clergy that ran that service praised the former Nigerian President on how he has served well and should relax now and prepare himself for heaven because according to the Clergy, in wealth, the former president called Obasanjo has gotten it all and need not toil no more but prepare himself for an Abraham's bosom...possible after some Self Check...Why don't all of you pastor's tell this governors, ministers, president, and all the honorables that deserve no honour.I am afraid God has taken his seat over us and watching what we're going to do with all he has given us.
Look at all that billions accumulated by one man called pastor,with two wives, one secret, one open affair...and I am certain the governors do flock his church with some unrepentant heart of Satan.Good heavens!!!.I know we have a law, and they said Nigerians are difficult to rule people but one late man called (IDIAGBON and BUHARI ) were able to control the same Nigerians to at least 60 decency...How can people be stealing their own country blind this much and running over to some beautiful overseas countries and they see all that good and decency then fly back to Africa without one stint of shame. And are comfortable with such rot we're stucked in...And their own people honour them,and they feel good.If you can't shoot the governors with God`s words, give them a back seat in your churches and mosques, let them feel you... if you can't shoot all these governors with God`s words for all this greed and wickedness to their own people, Boycott them.When they GO to overseas, nobody should visit them, let only the Nigeria embassies go welcome them because they scarcely visit overseas for any genuine reasons but running away from the rot and decay they have created for their own people.How can people thrive in such a system without electricity,all roads broken down.These roads were laid by Herbert McCauley, Awolowo and other goodwill Nigerians and after over 40 years none of all these so called Nigerian Honourables ever cared to contribute anything positive to their own society.Police Force...I am sorry the police is tucked into this mess, they could have been the one to do some of this Justice at least the former Chief Security Officer  IGP that stole so much from his own people to an extent that even a Coporal could have shot him if given the slightest chance, but all they could do was just booed at him, at Force HQ, in Lagos.Tafa Balogun deserves no honour but I wouldn't be surprised if very soon he gets a Chieftaincy Title and Nigerians look with their heads bow.I can't say more than this...I am so upset with the rate of rot of a mindset building up among Nigerians and this things growing and spreading like a wild fire and we don't seem to bother much...And i want to say this categorically and authoritatively that not all Governors,Members of the Parliament,Ministers,Local Government Chairmen are wrong people,I believe that...some actually do contribute positively to help their own people get some better life. DONALD DUKE (DD ) of cross Rivers state,UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA (UMY ) of Katsina state etc.

May God that the Africans believe in help them achieve their purpose in office towards positive Change,Freedom,Hope and may they reap from the fruits of their labour...and it shall be well with those governors and their advisers...by the grace of God.But those ones in EFFC list should be tried and find guilty should be brought to face the full weight of Justice!!.Africans ,Nigerians in particular should stop too much English speaking that can't even catch a lazy Chinese fly...Chinese House flies are actually very easy to catch because they eat too much and can hardly fly much' And for the new governors that has resumed office,thinking that it`s business as usual!!you are joking,if you like steal and rob your own states and subject your own people to as much hardship as you deem fit, steal monies meant for education, road project and even health centers. Steal all the money and share it with those 'DIS-honourable men and pick the microphone and tell some satanic lies with those doctored English you all speak.Since your people are too afraid to even lift a catapult on your direction...and when you GO to overseas to sign those your 'phony contracts in China,the Chinese will collect your money, put you in a nice hotel and go and laugh at your stupidity and foolishness for coming all the way from Africa to sign a contract for a Container loads of Electric Generators in this age!!Lord have mercy!!!...Let some so called governors just drop out...because the Whiteman you think has any regard for you because you bring all that money to buy some assets or contracts in his 'Nice and Decent Country' has concluded that you are all old fools and blind idiots and their girls you call into hotels to waste your countries monies on while some people starving to death without hope one square meal a day.I am going to sleep over my Pet Project for Motherland Africa...You all can continue to steal and shame yourself all over the world like rats do.

My respect goes to the state Governors,The members of Parliament,The Ministers,Local Government Chairmen and all,concerned Nigerians who are ready to discharge their duties,commitements to work for our nation`s groth and develpment.Honestly,sincerely,diligently,and with absolutely fear of God to take Nigerians to the promised land which we have hope for.


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Nigerians with courage.




(EYRM ).

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