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Yar'adua Needs To Be Careful of General Obasanjo

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Author: Comrade Ojeremen Stephen
Posted to the web: 7/13/2007 7:26:14 AM

Thank you Mr. Daboh for your appraisal of the present development of Nigerian political scene of which I agree with the majority your thought. It is sad President Yaradua came to power in terribly flawed elections of which Obasanjo and Professor Iwu is to blame. I have no doubt in mind that if fair and free election was allowed to happen President Yaradua would have still won but with a very slim majority which would have satisfied the general public and the opposition parties and that would have make the political scene in Nigeria very vibrant and interesting. I disassociate with your idea for all other political party to work together with Yaradua by joining PDP's government. For any government to perform well in office they need a very strong opposition parties and not compromisers to be doing business as usual.I have confident in Yaradua as a person but he is yet to break off from Obasanjo's grip and stamp his authority in his job. That's what everybody is waiting for until he does that he will not be acclaimed to his rightful position as his own man. Yes, he has started very well by declaring his assets and he needs to shake up the system and make other public officials follow suit. He needs to sound a clear warning to them to declare their assets or face the consequence. He better be aware that the public is not going to have the patience they had with Obasanjo's government. This is because of Obasanjo's misrule and disastrous performance, i.e. plundering of billions into the failed third term agenda, plundering of billions into the failed national constitutional conference, plundering of billions into the failed national census, plundering of billions into the failed INEC election, etc. Surely the public patience is ran out. One wonders why he has not fired Professor Iwu and dissolve INEC, in fact Professor Iwu needs to be prosecuted for his bad performance and the plundering of the huge budget allocated to INEC. This is the first of several other things the President needs to do to please the public and opposition parties. This will help to reassure us all that he has started to right the wrongs by previous administrations.One should also commend those parties and individuals whose mandate were stolen by PDP and now in Courts and tribunals battling to get justice. We should not compromise with fraudster nor tolerate their acts. General Buhari, Alhaji Atiku and other individuals needs to be praised for their continued battle for justice. Their acts is fully justified and should be supported massively. These people deserves the ut most praise. If we are to progress in our infrastructural development we need to have a very strong opposition parties. Without it, we are doomed.God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Nigerians of goodwill.Courtesy,(EYRM)

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