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The Exodus of Corruption

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Author: Kehinde Akintobi
Posted to the web: 4/7/2007 2:38:36 PM


“Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach .” This verse taken from the Biblical book of Proverbs draws credence to a line of argument that points out that  Nigeria's current  paralysis is not necessarily a fallout of economic or political misdemeanour but much more of a social,moral,ethical and religious or spiritual rot. There are a lot of countries with much more geo political subdivisions and problems and others with far more economic challenges.Yet these counntries fare far better off, …far much better that is.


Interestingly it is usually easy to assume blame to something non existing or lifeless. Nigeria’s complex political and federal structure. Complex? What would one say about India and the United States then? Can a non living thing cause pain? I don’t think so.Our problems do not rise out of political , cultural or socio economic issues but much rather from within us.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Quite a lot of men and women have abandoned and thrown away their personal values, betrayed religous convictions and wandered out of ethical and moral boundaries and confines.The present Nigeria is morally,socially,ethically and religously weak,  a value and principle eroded society.


The genesis of corruption,the bane of Nigeria's socio economic development and progress is  borne out a personal breakdown in moral convictions, ethical values and the inability to say no to what is wrong and yes to what is right.Several people had occupied the post of DG in Nafdac before Dr Akunyili, been Ministers of FCT before Mallam El Rufai and CBN Governor before Professor Soludo.It however seems that they did not have the kind of determination,conviction and positive desperation to positively affect society like their worthy successors have just done. 


Societal change amongst other factors is borne out of the maximisation of opportunity,platform and position or resources to bring about positive change. This is however in turn borne out of a conviction and determination to do so as well and a choice or plan to so in the first place.


On the assumption of office in the about to wind up administration I was astonished though quite delighted to notice the consistent supply of electricity or power as it is commonly called (though the current parastatal overseeing it seems quite powerless) on my street 24 hours every day.                        I rejoiced and thought to myself that all things are possible if only we believe and work towards achieing what we believe. At least during the Nigeria 99 football fiesta ,Oshodi was beautifully and miraculously clean.Halleluyah!!                            

                                                                                                                                                   During the Marwa administration area boys drastically reduced according to reports. Possibly maybe due to an interesting kind of “democracy” where it seems that all views are considered and parties have a stake be they legitimate or otherwise, they have during the past few years more than doubled. The number of area boys seems to outweigh the number of visibly indentifiable policemen. At least God said to Adam and Eve “be fruitful and mutiply” not to area boys. Concerned authorities please take note.                                                                                


Nigeria can experience change. That is a fact, proven and true ( my freezer was constantly turned off during the electricity manna for 24 hours daily from above experienced at the beginning of the current adminstration when there was a mass sacking of Nepa managers as was reported)

                                                                                                                                                                         Nigeria will change for the better.That is a desire, a wish, for some a prophecy.                           Nigeria will change.An affirmative statement now…Obviously.. either for the better or for the worse…

For Nigeria to change Nigerians must change. Yes Nigerians have changed already.They have abandoned the values they in times past upheld.Their accounts have blown bulgy with looted funds. Yes Nigeria and Nigerians have changed but it seems to me for the worse..


For Nigeria to change positively however, Nigerians must change positively. Nigerians must think positively, choose positively,think and live positively. A nation’s state is a reflection of its citizens attitudes, thoughts, thinking patterns, decisions, lifestyles and actions. Asians are innovative and technology driven,Europeans are intellectually deep and progressive minded, Americans are born entrepreneurs. How do Nigerians think? A satchet of pure water thrown out of the window of a moving car. The transformation of a drainage system to a mbile pedestrian uninary.


How can Nigerians change? From the Nigerian him or her self first. Who knows you could be the the next President, next NAFDAC, ICPC, EFCC or FCT boss. You could find yourself doing something relevant, somewhere relevant.


Your mindset must change from a me first to an others first mentality, my family and friends to a societal benefit way of thinking.When you drive on the road take a second and think before you throw that N5 satchet of pure water to mess up our NI00 million naira expensive road.


Leave a postive impression on the society for years to come. Know you are like a servant with a seed of benefit to society. A great man’s success is linked to the successful influence and impact he has generated for other mankind outside of himself. Ask Bill Gates how many people can do without using Microsoft or how many people will not remember Bill Clinton or Albert Einsten?


You could either choose to be remebered for making impact or being a nuisance.

I choose to choose the former. I wish you would .I pray you would. I want you to, I personally ask of you to …Millions need you to.


I believe you can do it. I believe we can do it.

I believe you are responsible, productive and able to engineer that kind of change.

I believe in you. I believe in Nigeria.

Please do me one favour,let the change start from you.


Thanks and God bless.


Kehinde Akintobi    




234 08060631373

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