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So-called ‘Dream Team’

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We used the named dream team which originated from the US. A nickname for its team with unusual talent. When we did this we equally had an unusual team with extra ordinary talent. But we have failed to notice that the U.S stopped using this name when its team stopped performing well, knowing that the public were irritated. The name they used to create awareness to the better performance of the team is redemption team. It becomes necessary to actually observe the U.S and see how it got back to the top.

Re: So-called ‘Dream Team’ Saturday Punch, Dec 3, 2011 Yes we borrowed that name ‘Dream Team’ which I believe is a copy right. It really was an Allstar team (Hakeem, I recall was not part of Dream team 1 [Barca 92]but was ‘in’ the Atlanta 96 team) never before captured on T.V (the 1948 Olympic team from University of Kentucky- the Fabulous five- under Coach Adolf Rupp were the first ever Dream Team). It’s a phrase that is synonymous with extra ordinary talent and performance. We may have to do what the Americans have done, stop using the name dream team, as subsequent teams after Barca 92 were not so dreamy. They had to go back to the ‘drawing board’ as we like to say here. With a better youth development programme (that focuses more on fundamentals and what they lacked to compete internationally), a welfare/ financial programme they got it right. The name used when America got back as the number 1 b.ball nation was ‘Redemption teams’ at Beijing 2008, having Lebron ‘The king’ James, Kobe ‘Mamba’ Bryant, Jason Kidd etc. A lineup/ games up that impressed football die-hards working at NTA broadcast signal control room. We need redemption (team[s]) not just in our football but sports. Luckily the redemption (in football) except one, have arrived our shores (six reasons why our ‘house’ may be put in order). Let’s hope the system does not ‘frustrate’ them. I think Maigari et al should go but that wouldn’t solve the problem, the next are only going to do what Maigari et al have done, waste our time and money. I also don’t think Siasia should have been sacked- think Westahof’s 5 years before success). Chief Oyuike Obasekis’ advocation for a 3year break (Daily sun Dec 1, 2011 p 56) from international soccer is wrong and will amount to some commercial lose for prospective players and sport marketing agents /broadcasters. ‘Lack of talent’ is (not) the only problem we have- Lets not throw the baby away with the bath water. What we need is a commercial business plan (with someone who understands football and business/law as Chairman in addition to Prof. Ojeme’s [Nation Newspaper, Dec. 11, 2011… give us a Chairman with a physical education and sports background), a flexible and sound welfare programme/ better youth development blue print coupled with a strategic synergy between the various football academies and the NFF. Also look at the way the U.S has built its now lucrative MLS (probably in the top 10 global lucrative football leagues, just after 15 years and are already play marketing (player products, trademarks, jerseys, balls, tourism) via international friendlies in preparation for global. The most recent against a high spirited Indonesian All Star team on Nov. 30, 2011) and runs its’ US Soccer Federation (our own type of NFF). These are better case studies to building a league and association. Europe/EPL has gone too far ahead (with the aid of the same American Sport marketing companies) for us to learn anything. P.S: Yes, now that I have lost a bet on our qualifiying for London 2012 to play to play football can we give other sports especially actress Nia (Long) Ime Sunday Udoka’s D’Tigers basketball the much needed help to qualify for London. They showed what they can do at the international stage recording Africa’s best ever record when they qualified for the first time for the World Cup Basketball. I see them doing even better at London with our London based Nigerian support and Nigeria’s NBA roster. Moreover, Nia Long has to be impressed to come contribute her own quarter to our fantastically good Nollywood and music Industries. Adieu Sunday Bada, thanks for the memories. Ohio Okhai Elakhe (08062912816/ okhai@yahoo.co.uk) is a Sports, Entertainment, Art, Tourism & Communications enthusiast. He lives in Lagos.

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