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Agriculture, Forestry and Other Basic Activities:

Anambra State has high potentials for agricultural development, because of stretches of fertile land on the plains in Ogbaru, Ayamelum, Oyi, if Awka and Orumba LGAs. These areas support n healthy crops of yam, maize, cassava, rice, and vegetables. The lfite Ogwari Dam on the Anambra River provides water for 3,500hectare irrigated land at Ornor for the cultivation of rice, maize, and d outofseason vegetables. This project, with a target of 5,000 hectare of irrigated land, is a joint ven ture between the Federal Government and a Japanese consortium.

The Ornor rice farms, together with the OgbojiEzira rice lands of Orumba, and Odoekpe rice fields in Ogbaru, earn for Anambra State the third richest rice potentials area in Nigeria. Large private farms, such as the Ekenedilichukwu Farms, Arnak Farms, and Pokobros are located in the rich hydromorphic soil regions of Anambra and Ayamelum LGAs.

Forest reserves in the Mamu river basin, Akpaka and AjaliUmeje reserves, provide valuable forest products, protect the watersheds and main tain ecological balance, thereby helping to prevent sheet and gully erosion. Services and programmes geared towards increased agricultural production and forestry, including the organisation of farm groups and the

A People United, A Future Assured Volume 2 provision of agricultural land credit, food processing and storage facilities have been achieved through the activities of the WorldBanksupported State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) and the Imo River Basin Development Authority.

Mineral Resources:

Anambra State is not rich in mineral resources; and some, known to exist, are not yet exploited. For example, tungsten at Oba, and large deposits of lignite in Onitsha, Idemili, and Nnewi LGAs are yet to be exploited. Kaolin is mined in the Ukporlhembosi axis for the ceramic industry at Umuahia in Abia State; while the deposits at Afuleri and EnuguAgidi await exploita tion. Sandstones of Ameke Formation are quarried in several places, particularly at Abagana and Nsugbe for construction purposes. Natural gas has been discovered at Ebenebe Ridge, southeast of Ebenebe town, and preliminary prospecting indicat ed that crude oil exists in commercial quantities in the state.


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