Akwa Ibom - Background Information

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Historical Development:

Akwa lbom State, a leading petroleum producer, is located in the south-eastern corner of the nation along the ocean coast, wedged between Abia and Rivers States in the west and Cross River State in the east. The State lies between longitudes 7°30'E and 8°20'E, and latitudes 4°30'N and 5°30'N. The State covers a total land area of 8,421 sq. km and a shoreline 129km long. By this landmass, Akwa lbom State is one of the smallest states in Nigeria along with Lagos, Imo, Abia and Anambra States.

Akwa lbom was created in 1987 out of Cross River State, one of the pioneer 12 states created by Gowon's military administration in 1967 following the military intervention of January 1966. The creation of Akwa lbom State resulted from a trend of agitation for states by minority elements in various parts of the country. When the state was created in 1987, it had ten Local Government Areas (LGAs), but the number has since risen to thirty-one