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"Fela Didn't Believe AIDS Existed. But then he died of the disease. His brother is still trying to convince Fela's fans that HIV is real."           More......
Facts About HIV In Nigeria
Percent of adults with HIV/AIDS: 5.06 %
Estimated number of adults with HIV/AIDS: 2,600,000
Estimated number of children (under 15) with HIV/AIDS: 120,000
Estimated AIDS deaths, 1999: 250,000
Reporting Period: 1979 - 1999
Source: WHO


AIDS is an acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This virus attacks the immune system, the body's line of defense against disease and infections. When the immune system breaks down, one become susceptible to serious, often deadly infections and cancers called opportunistic infections, so named because they take advantage of the body's weakened defenses.

Soon after infection, some people develop short-term flu-like symptoms. But infected people usually show no other symptoms until the disease progresses.
Patients with advancing disease can develop swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, fatigue, diarrhea, anemia and thrush, as well as various opportunistic infections, such as Pneumocystis pneumonia.

Risk Factors
HIV is spread by sexual contact with an infected person, by needle-sharing among injection drug users or through transfusions with infected blood. HIV-infected women can transmit the virus to their newborns before or during birth, or through breast-feeding after birth. Health-care workers can become infected with HIV after being stuck with HIV-tainted needles.

People can protect themselves by not engaging in unprotected sex with those who have HIV or whose HIV status is unknown. The gold standard in sexual protection is the male latex condom. When used correctly and consistently, male condoms are 98 to 100 percent effective against infection, studies show. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the female condom also offers some protection against HIV and may be used when a male condom cannot be used appropriately. Protection is also important during oral sex, either with a male condom or dental dam, which covers the vagina. People who use injection drugs should use a clean needle each time they inject drugs. Anti-HIV therapy for pregnant women infected with the virus can reduce the risk of mother-to-infant transmission substantially.

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