Relief and Drainage

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Apart from the expansive , Numan Plains, the state is characterised by undu- ed lating hills and rolling landscapes in the south and west. There are several rocky highlands in the east. The rocky hills, for instance near Dernsa, Song and Numan, are normally strewn,with broken ng rocks and rock outcrops which render them unsuitiable for arable farming.


Federal Secretariat Complex Main Gate, Jimeta, Yola
Savannah Sugar Company Processing Plant, Numan

The state is well drained by many rivers, most of which are seasonal. The main river is the Benue, as which rises from the highlands of the Cameroun and flows southwards to join the River Niger at Lokoja. Its major tributaries are the Gongola, Taraba and Donga. Most rivers have flat sandy ne beds and steep rocky incised valley sides. They er are normally flooded during the rainy season and oil become sandy flats during the dry season. There ed are no major waterfalls in Adamawa State.

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