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Location and Size:
Adamawa State is located on at the north eastern part of Nigeria around the area )ut where the River Benue enters Nigeria from the Cameroun Republic. It lies between longitudes 11° in and 51/20 east of the Greenwich Meridian and lati- ig- tude 10° and 143/4 north of the Equator, It shares va boundaries with Taraba State in the south and :al west, Bauchi to its north-west, Yobe and Borno an States to the north. Adamawa State has an inter- ibi national boundary with the Cameroun Republic up along its eastern side.

The state covers a land area ier of about 39,742.13 sq. km. The mountainous land- forms between Adamawa State and the Cameroun Republic provide an effective political boundary bo unlike what we have between Niger Republic or the Republic of Benin with Nigeria. Man's ability to adapt to the hilly environment in Adamawa State has allowed the borderland to be used by herdsmen no transcending political boundaries.

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