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Education, Health, Water etc: Summarises, very clearly, the level of provision of physical and social infrastructure, and the

Pope John Paul ll Ecumenical Center
Pope John Paul ll Ecumenical Center

level of economic development in the Territory as at 1991/1993. It is apparent from the Table 37.5 that despite the huge progress made in developing the FCT, the level of infrastructural development is still lower than might be expected.

It is worth noting, however, that over the years since that period, several Schools, Hospitals, Electricity and Water Supply Projects, Sport Complexes and roads among others, have been constructed in response to the continued expansion of the territory's population. Unfortunately, lack of adequate data on infrastructural survey of the territory has made it difficult for an assessment of the state of this to be made here.

Transportation and Communications: The FCT is excellently connected to all parts of the country by road and air. The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in the FCC is one of the best in Africa. Since the inception of the territory, urban mass transit has remained an important issue for several administrations of the FCT. Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company (AUMTCO) in particular, has been quite effective in ensuring effective movement within the territory and neighbouring areas.

National Remembrance Arcade
National Remembrance Arcade

In addition, several private individuals, many with the assistance of the Federal Urban Mass Transit Agency (FUMTA), have developed fleets of inter and intra city vehicles linking people in different parts of the territory and beyond. Organisers of many occasions like conferences and workshops now rely largely on AUMTCO and other operators for their circulation within the territory.

Tourism and Recreation: The most important tourism potential of the FCT is its climate and scenery. In fact, one of the important criteria of choosing Abuja as the nation's capital is its abundant sunshine, reasonable rainfall and plenty of fresh water supply as well as its exciting topography, characterised by beautiful plains, waterfalls, hills, rocks and escarpments.

Additional tourist attractions of the FCT include the urban architecture and road networks, the Guran River beach, BwariAso hills, Zuba Rocks, Gawu hills, Agwni Karu hills, Gwagwa plains, River Robo, Lower Usuma Dam, the Golfcourse at Maitama District, and the International Airport at Gwagwalada.

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